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Stock abbreviation: new agricultural development, stock code: 600359
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Xinjiang Tarim agricultural comprehensive development Co.,Ltd.

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Xinjiang Talimu agriculture development Limited by Share Ltd is the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, together with the 359 brigade of the immortal soul, is committed to the oasis ecological agriculture. Company to "science and technology enterprises, industry serve the country" for the purpose to become China's first agricultural planting based listed companies, stock abbreviation: new agricultural development, stock code: 600359.

Xinjiang Talimu Agricultural Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "agricultural development") is a set of cotton planting, breeding, chemical fiber pulp, liquorice products, animal husbandry, dairy processing as one of the listed company. The company listed on the Shanghai stock exchange in April 29, 1999, the total share capital of 381 million shares, the proportion of state-owned shares 39.91%. At present, the company mainly holding 4 subsidiaries (Tahe seed industry, new dairy farmers, new agricultural chemical fiber, Xinnong licorice). As of the end of 9 2015, the total assets of the company's total assets of RMB yuan, net assets of RMB yuan; total sales income of RMB yuan, net profit of RMB yuan, which belongs to the net profit of the parent company.

The main products of the company have long staple cotton, fine cashmere cotton, licorice series products, cotton pulp, viscose rayon, breeding stock, milk products series products, crop and flower seedlings seeds series products. The company is the only one cotton seed field, national breeding demonstration base and the country's largest production base of Extractum Glycyrrhizae. Company production of "red", "new agriculture" brand series of liquorice products have been "China famous brand" the honorary title. Company production of "new agriculture" brand of liquid milk is wuqiahui famous enterprises association as gold products, since 2009 to the present is the regional school milk fixed-point production enterprise. The company will be the innovation mechanism, management, innovation management and excellent performance, to give investors huge returns, for various types of professionals with a broad space for development.

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